Sunday, October 2, 2016

An Alternative (Cleaner, Healthier) Lifestyle

When the phrase "alternative lifestyle" is mentioned nowadays, most people are inclined to think it's referring to one's sexual orientation. Well, that’s not what I'm here to discuss. When I say “alternative lifestyle”, I’m talking about our health. I’m talking about finding alternatives to the way the average American eats, cooks, and lives. I'm talking about what’s happening in your home, the cleanliness of it, the air you breathe, the water you drink and bathe in, what you buy, how you cook, and what you eat. You need to adapt to a better way of living, a cleaner life. You must explore alternative options to the ways you are so used to, but know are not healthy. The alternative is a commitment to cleaner, healthier options. You must be willing to change your lifestyle.

Famous lines and excuses...
“Healthy stuff is so expensive!”
“But so many people in the world have been eating ‘this’ or doing ‘that’ for years.”
“It’s just so popular. Everyone loves to eat this.”
“Microwaves are so much quicker.”
“This is the way I grew up. My family has been eating this for years.”
And the dumbest line ever…"It hasn’t killed me yet."

REALLY? Is this the lifestyle you want?
Ummm… Hello!! Have you checked cancer and disease rates lately? They’re on the rise and have been on the rise for a long time. The more man-made, chemical garbage that companies keep putting in our food (cost-efficient substitutes), the more disease rates go up. Then years later you see ads and articles stating that recent studies show that certain substances and chemicals may be linked to cancer or a particular disease. Now you start listening and getting concerned. But, by that time the damage has been done. You have been using these products for so long that they’ve caused damage to your bodies. Next, you need medication to treat the problems. You take more chemicals into your bodies that the doctors and pharmaceutical companies say are “safe”. That’s until a few years later you hear the news reports and TV ads about recalls of drugs due to side effects. Lawyers offer compensation, but compensation doesn’t cure you.

Do you see what stupid pattern we human beings have set for ourselves?

Let’s stop the nonsense! Break the pattern before it even gets started!

Fresh produce is always a good option!
Now to start, I’m not talking about buying things that are expensive and spending a billion dollars at an all organic supermarket. I’m not saying you need to do a “Dr. Oz” kitchen sweep and throw away all of your food to start over (although some of you really do need to). Start by eliminating some product that you know without a doubt have no nutritional value. Then replace them with healthier options. There are healthy options right in your local supermarket. Your produce section can be your best friend. You just need to know how to shop it. There are affordable cleaner choices to be made. You just have to educate yourself. A better, longer life is easily obtainable. By reading this article, reading some posts on my G+ page, and checking out some of the links on my site, you’ve chosen an alternate path. You are making cleaner, healthier choices already! Make it a lifestyle commitment.

So let’s clean up our act. Let’s clean up our lives. Research. Read. Learn. Commit. Act. Alternate. Change. Live cleaner. Live healthier. Live longer. There’s a cleaner, healthier alternative lifestyle right at your fingertips. You just have to reach for it.