Friday, October 21, 2016

Live an Authentic Life and Share Your Blessings

Who am I to be writing a health blog? What training do I have? What is my expertise?

I would not exactly call myself an expert on anything. I don’t have any degrees or fancy accreditations. I don’t own or run a business. I’m not a great writer or published author. I am just a student of life, with a few diplomas and certificates, and a strong desire to keep learning… and to share what I learn with others. I’m an honest, everyday child of God, writing this blog of my own free will. No expertise here.

But, well …maybe I’m an expert… in being me! I believe in living what I call an “authentic” life – living life being genuine, honest and true, not only to others but most importantly to yourself. I am far from perfect. We all are far from perfect. However, I do my best, recognize and own up to my mistakes, learn from them, and keep moving forward. I put on a layer of phoniness or try to emulate others. It never pays. God made me as I am for a reason. I, just like you, have a unique role in this tapestry of life and must weave my own textured pattern in my own brilliantly colored thread. Besides, who is better suited to be me than me? And I strive to be the very best me I can be. Therefore, I am an “expert me”!

This means you can be an expert too. Be an “expert you”. Do it with authenticity. In this sense, I'm saying be honest and trustworthy about who you are. People will never have to wonder where they stand with you. This way personal and business relationships are built on honesty, and trust follows. This brings about easier networking, stronger business connections, and definitely more fulfilling, long-lasting personal relationships. As you build relationships, personal or business, be open-minded and willing to learn. 

As you learn positive things, keep the blessings flowing by passing them on. I believe in the philosophy of “each one, teach one” and “pay it forward”. Never let the blessing of positive insight end with you. Your blessings grow as you share them. I have seen very hard times in my life, but God has always brought me through.  I pass on the blessings by sharing the positive insight that I learned from my journey from darkness to light. The more goodness that I share, the more God brings back to me. I love sharing helpful, positive information through my blog and forms of media like Google + because I am able to reach people near and far. It feels great knowing that words I share might help someone on the other side of the world. 

In Hamlet, William Shakespeare wrote, “This above all: to thine own self be true…” 

I say “live an authentic life and share your blessings”. Be true to yourself and share the best of you. May it lead to a good and balanced life.

I sure hope these words can inspire you as you read them.

Be well, Be Blessed!

~~Wanda Crawford, 10/21/16