Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Social Media Is Not One’s Reality

Social media is NOT one's reality. It is a collection of thoughts, ideas, feelings, and opinions that one CHOOSES to share. It does not, or should not, define a person. Social media can be informative or entertaining, and is very convenient, but it can never replace connecting with real people in the real world. 

You may think you know someone because they are your friend, relative, neighbor, co-worker, or schoolmate, and you follow them on social media, but that's not who they are. Human beings are more than just a collection of pictures, thoughts, ideas, and opinions... more than videos and audio clips. We are flesh and blood, with a body, mind, and spirit. We are multidimensional with an energy and essence that can never be replaced by technology.
Don't get me wrong... technology is an amazing help to keep those connected who would not be otherwise, and it does serve many good purposes (e.g. serving as a vehicle for my message). Just remember to keep it real and try not to judge a person by their online identity. Recognize that social media is not one's reality.