Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Time Is Now!

Don't wait for the perfect time, the convenient time, the less stressful time - to lose weight. The “right” time may come may come, but won't stay. The right time is always now - right now, every day, always. You think, …

… "But the holidays are coming up!”  
… “I have a wedding to go to.” 
… “I can't be expected to diet during my vacation! I wanna enjoy myself!” 
… “I'm going through very rough times right now and I can't focus on such a change.”
… “It's so much work, such a big change, and it takes time that I don't have right now.”
… “Exercising and eating special foods cost money I don't have.” 
… “I can't afford a gym membership or a special diet plan right now- that's the only way I can do it.” 

Here’s one of my favorites … 
… “Healthier food options are so expensive, and I'm on a budget.” 
Hmmm… Yet you manage to "find" the money for snacks on the run, those "I earned it" treats when you had a bad day, and those "but it's a special occasion" indulgences. Eliminate half of these "excuse moments" and you will have increased your budget enough for fresh fruits and veggies. 

Stop BS'ing yourself and making excuses… and no half steppin! You say, "Well, I drink a lot of water instead of sweet drinks. I walk more places than I used to. I had a salad today for lunch. I didn't order dessert at the restaurant last night. I drink only diet sodas. I buy a lot of sugar-free and low-fat-labeled foods."  Ok, great! So, you have the desire to do something good for yourself, but no guidelines or consistency. To make changes that work, you should have proper guidelines in a set plan, and you must, MUST be consistent with it! Half steppin is a waste of time! 

When you're inconsistent you tend to gain more weight instead of losing. You trick yourself into believing that you are good because you did a few healthy things, but then you undo the positive on the days you don't make better choices. Depending on what your habits are, it can cancel out any good you've done. Just like calories burned must outnumber calories consumed to lose weight, positive choices must outnumber negative over a consistent period to have any noticeable lasting results. It's doable! You have to want it badly enough. 

You must realize that you have only one life to live, and you want to live a long life. So, no matter your age, you want to enjoy the most and suffer the least in the time you have. Healthier choices lead to longer, happier lives. So, now what are you waiting for? An invitation? Ok, here you are: 
Property of Wanda Crawford

Sorry. I know you were waiting for it to be embossed on fine stationery and delivered with white-glove service on a silver platter, but I’m on a budget. 

Now that you have your fancy personal invitation there are no more excuses! You have to make healthy changes, and the time is NOW!