Welcome to the Clean Life Health Connection!

Looking for a place to come to for easy, comfortable healthy living references? Want to learn how you can live a longer, healthier life? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This blog will provide articles and recommended references for many, many areas of health issues, natural remedies, diet and fitness advice, food references, recipes, etc. I will be posting articles, reference links, and plenty of useful information, so please check back often for new content.

My mission is to provide a place where you can come to get quick and easy health information; Read, ask questions and discuss topics with others.  I want to cover topics for your complete health, covering as many areas of your life as possible: your mind, your body, and spirit. One's home environment is equally as important to your health, so there will be plenty of information in that area as well. I will write some of my own articles and possibly post some personal videos, giving my point of view and sharing some experiences. However, since I am not a licensed physician, nor claim to be an expert in any particular area, I am grateful for the vast amount of information that the internet provides. I will be connecting you to others across the web that I feel offer reputable, healthy information.

This blog is connected to my Google+ page which is loaded with various posts for all areas of your life.
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With illness and disease taking over our planet, we can never have enough health information at our fingertips. But, I'm not about just being "aware". I want to focus on prevention and possible cures. I will strive to connect you to the proper information for clean health. We all deserve a long and healthy life!

So, I welcome you to the Clean Life Health Connection!
May God be with you and your family. Peace and Blessings!

~ Wanda Crawford